Following the beauty community, this seems to be the newest and trendiest product all the way from Hollywood. GLAM GLOW has been popular in the US for awhile, and it has taken the Europen market by storm. German, British, French and Italian bloggers and youtubers are testinga and reviewing that hyped up wondermask. While the results seem really impressive, i think we should show some love to those bloggers posting the really comprehensive reviews. Looking at the before & after-pictures, the treatmeant really absorbs all those oil clogging up pores causing impurities leaving the skin cleansed and polished. Especially around the nose area, the mask literally draws out the dirt and oils causing black heads and pimples. Once the mask dries up, the absorbtion of those oils becomes visible. You will only need a small amount, best applied with a flat brush (as in the youtube review by Ebru). Only downside: the wonder mask is priced quite steep. Retailing at a hefty 49,99€, it beats getting your facials done in a salon – but let’s be honest – who of us actually does that?

Essentially it is a cleay mask, so the search for a dupe is on the go – I will report back as soon as I have found a reasonable contender.



– Great review by Shannon from Shaaanxo: lots of pictures and before and after

GLAM GLOW review by Style Suzi

GLAM GLOW Facial mask review from the Philippines by Topaz Horizon

– German Youtube review by Ebru’s Beauty Lounge


Where to buy?

Amazon – retailing from 32,90€

Douglas (for Germany & the Netherlands) – retailing at 49,99€