Let’s be honest – when thinking of “intimate helpers”, the usual suspects immediately come to mind: tacky, plastic, phallic-shaped monstrosities. But as pleasure-producing companies advance, they actually did start to think about customer segmentation. One of those especially worth mentioning in my eyes: LELO.

A Swedish company experiencing growing success by designing and manufacturing upscale intimate lifestyle products. The concept is genuis: instead of re-inventing the wheel, they have created a whole new perception around Pleasure Objects. Their devices are not only functional, but also incredibly beautiful to look at. Some of their products might actually pass as little interior twinkets if you ask me. That being said, innovation and lifestyle are two more crucial ideas recognizable in LELO’s product lines. It is obvious, they have certainly studied their target group.

Given the fairly high price tag, I am still very tempted by the brand and the products. LELO really knows how to market their products as lifestyle objects, embodying more than just their silicone shells. Especially enticing is the thought of intimate luxury. Products that really emobody the thought of “I am worth this” – And why shouldn’t it? Unlike those products that usually cause us instant gratification, these colourful helpers will make sure our satisfaction will go beyond.

To prove my point exactly, please go ahead and check out their newest addition: the DEXTRÜS – world’s first massager that “will make you smart”.